Although there is a strong correlation between BIC Codes and sort codes, sort codes are not explicitly encoded into BIC codes (although they are encoded into IBANs). The Sort Code Checker uses the latest industry data, which is updated weekly, in line with industry practice. The suffix is automatically allocated by Voca, and are numbered in sequence starting with 01 for the first subbranch. Sorting code and BIC allocation Members have ranges of sorting codes that they can allocate to bank offices.

Bank NameSort CodeCityAddress & Info
WEST LOTHIAN MUNICIPAL BANK LTD 839119 Equivalent Codes: 83-91-19 83 91 19 Bathgate ARMADALE District Council Offices, East Main St, Armadale, W.Lothian, EH48 2NU, Phone: (1501) 678317, Bathgate England