Some branches have subbranches, also know as non-accounting branches. Although there is a strong correlation between BIC Codes and sort codes, sort codes are not explicitly encoded into BIC codes. Clearing requirements All bank offices participating in any of the following clearings must have a sorting code: Every bank office with a sorting code does not necessarily participate in all these clearings, however, once a sorting code has been issued to a bank office, the same sorting code will be used in all of the clearings. It identifies both the bank, and the branch where the account is held. The BBAN, whose format is decided by the national banking community, includes the domestic bank account number, branch identifier and potentially routing information, the only restrictions being that it must be of fixed length and that only case-insensitive alphanumeric characters are used. Our database is searchable on sortcode or branch returning any available information.

Bank NameSort CodeCityAddress & Info
SECURE TRUST BANK PLC 201178 Equivalent Codes: 20-11-78 20 11 78 Broadway BROADWAY BRADFORD Argus Chambers, W.Yorks., BD1 1HH, Phone: (1274) 735541, Broadway England
SECURE TRUST BANK PLC 237726 Equivalent Codes: 23-77-26 23 77 26 Solihull SOLIHULL Paston House, Arleston way, B90 4LH, Phone: (121) 6939100, Solihull England