Since the IBAN error detection uses mod 97, it will trap all such errors. The BBAN, whose format is decided by the national banking community, includes the domestic bank account number, branch identifier and potentially routing information, the only restrictions being that it must be of fixed length and that only case-insensitive alphanumeric characters are used. All bank offices participating in the CHAPS Euro service must have a BIC , however not every bank office with a BIC necessarily participates in CHAPS Euro. The sort code, which is a six-digit number, is usually formatted as three pairs of numbers, for example 12-34-56. BICS are allocated for international payment services over the SWIFT network. The rules vary to a great extent between the countries.

Bank NameSort CodeCityAddress & Info
OVERSEA-CHINESE BANKING CORPORATION 405119 Equivalent Codes: 40-51-19 40 51 19 London 111 CANNON ST LONDON EC4 111 Cannon St, EC4N 5AS, Phone: (20) 76268391, London England
OVERSEA-CHINESE BANKING CORPORATION 609259 Equivalent Codes: 60-92-59 60 92 59 London 111 CANNON STREET 111 Cannon Street, EC4N 5AS, Phone: (20) 73378802, London England