Many European countries use the IBAN as a means of identifying bank account numbers, but transfers to, amongst others, the United States and Australia make use of the BIC Codes. It is increasingly important that we are able to make automated payments smoothly and efficiently. Sort code is a bank code used in British banking industry to route money transfers between banks within United Kingdom.

Bank NameSort CodeCityAddress & Info
KBC Bank NV 161059 Equivalent Codes: 16-10-59 16 10 59 London EURO 7th Floor, Exchange House, Primrose Street, EC2A 2HQ, London England
KBC Bank NV 165487 Equivalent Codes: 16-54-87 16 54 87 London LONDON London Branch, 5th Floor, 111 Old Broad Street, EC2N 1BR, Phone: (20) 76385812, London England