It is increasingly important that we are able to make automated payments smoothly and efficiently. Subbranches have the same sorting code as the main bank office, but to uniquely identify them they have a two-digit suffix after the sorting code. UK clearings systems: UK Clearing systems BACS: Bulk electronic clearing CHAPS Sterling: High value, same day sterling payment clearing CHAPS Euro: High value, same day euro payment clearing Cheque and Credit Clearing: Cheque clearing for Great Britain & Northern Ireland. The ISCD is maintained and supplied by third parties, on behalf of the banking industry, and the copyright is owned by APACS Administration Limited. It identifies both the bank and the branch where the account is held.

Bank NameSort CodeCityAddress & Info
HSBC INVESTMENT BANK PLC 405239 Equivalent Codes: 40-52-39 40 52 39 London 10 QUEEN ST PLACE EC4R1BL Thames Exchange, 10 Queen Street Place, EC4R 1BL, Phone: (20) 72609000, London England