All bank offices participating in the CHAPS Euro service must have a BIC , however not every bank office with a BIC necessarily participates in CHAPS Euro. Sort code is a bank code used in British banking industry to route money transfers between banks within United Kingdom. Some branches have subbranches, also know as non-accounting branches. More of us are using automated payments, whether that means making an internet payment via our online banking or using a Direct Debit to pay a regular bill. Sorting code and BIC allocation Members have ranges of sorting codes that they can allocate to bank offices. Since the IBAN error detection uses mod 97, it will trap all such errors.

Bank NameSort CodeCityAddress & Info
FORTIS BANK CI LTD 609165 Equivalent Codes: 60-91-65 60 91 65 St. Peter Port ST PETER PORT GUERNSEY CI PO BOX 119, MARTELLO COURT, ADMIRAL PARK, Guernsey C.I, GY1 3HB, Phone: (1481) 751000, St. Peter Port England