The IBAN was originally developed to facilitate payments within the European Union but the format is flexible enough to be applied globally and has now been adopted by many Middle Eastern countries as well as most European countries. The first one or two digits identify the bank with the rest of the sortode identifying the branch an ccount is held. CHAPS Euro - Details of the branch's participation in CHAPS Euro clearing service C&CCC - Details of the branch's participation in C&CCC clearing service Printed information - Details of the branch's requirements for the UK Clearings Directory. Many European countries use the IBAN as a means of identifying bank account numbers, but transfers to, amongst others, the United States and Australia make use of the BIC Codes.

Bank NameSort CodeCityAddress & Info
Dexia Banque Internationale a Luxem 405304 Equivalent Codes: 40-53-04 40 53 04 London 4 BATTLE BRIDGE LN SE1 2GZ Shackleton Hse, Hays Galleria, 4 BATTLE BRIDGE LANE, SE1 2GZ, Phone: (20) 75563000, London England