Using data which is out of date can cause inconvenience to customers - their payment might be delayed or not processed - and it places a cost burden on businesses, individuals and banks as they rectify the problems which can arise. ??s commitment to ensuring payment efficiency, the Sort Code Checker has been developed to help all customers and is for the use of personal and corporate customers. Furthermore routing information as specified by ISO 9362 does not contain check digits, so simple errors of transcription were not detectable and it was not possible for a sending bank to validate the routing information prior to submitting the payment. Every company that does financial transactions can benefit from having a SORT Codes database to verify it's payments, minimizing the risk of mistyped or incorrect data.

Bank NameSort CodeCityAddress & Info
BANKERS TRUST INTERNATIONAL PLC 405282 Equivalent Codes: 40-52-82 40 52 82 London BANKERS TRUST INT PLC 1 Appold Street, EC2A 2HE, Phone: (20) 79822500, London England