If money is being transferred across international borders, an international network is used. Before IBAN, users, especially individuals and small businesses (SMEs), used to be confused by the differing national standards for bank account identification such as bank, branch, routing codes and account number. All bank offices participating in the CHAPS Euro service must have a BIC , however not every bank office with a BIC necessarily participates in CHAPS Euro. In some countries the bank codes can be viewed over the internet, but mostly in the local language. Sort code is a bank code used in British banking industry to route money transfers between banks within United Kingdom. The six digit sortcode is normally displayed as three, two digit numbers.

Bank NameSort CodeCityAddress & Info
ABSA BANK LTD 165757 Equivalent Codes: 16-57-57 16 57 57 London LONDON 2 FINCH LANE, EC3V 3NA, Phone: (20) 75288296, London England