Also the name of such a code varies. Although sort codes in both countries have the same format, they are regulated by different authorities as each country has its own banking system. The numbering ranges for both are complementary, but do not overlap. Sort code is a bank code used in British banking industry to route money transfers between banks within United Kingdom. The sort code, which is a six-digit number, is usually formatted as three pairs of numbers, for example 12-34-56. Banks in Northern Ireland can be part of either the British or the Irish clearing system, depending on their country of registration.

Bank NameSort CodeCityAddress & Info
STROUD & SWINDON BUILDING SOCIETY 405397 Equivalent Codes: 40-53-97 40 53 97 Stroud STROUD Rowcroft, Glocs., GL5 3BG, Phone: (1452) 757011, Stroud England