Whilst every effort is made to provide accurate information, users acknowledge that we accepts no liability what so ever with respect to its accuracy. The British and Irish sort codes are only used for domestic money transfers. IBAN and BIC codes are widely used means of identifying bank account numbers, but not the only international system. The EISCD is updated weekly, and is available on a subscription basis from VocaLink.

Bank NameSort CodeCityAddress & Info
BANK OF AMERICA, NA 301635 Equivalent Codes: 30-16-35 30 16 35 Bromley BROMLEY KENT 26 Elmfield Rd, Kent, BR1 1WA, Phone: (20) 83132543, Bromley England
BANK OF AMERICA, NA 234079 Equivalent Codes: 23-40-79 23 40 79 Huntingdon HIGH WYCOMBE Building 582, RAF Alconbury, Cambs, PE28 4DA, Phone: (1480) 417653, Huntingdon England
BANK OF AMERICA, NA 165050 Equivalent Codes: 16-50-50 16 50 50 London LONDON BRANCH 5 Canada Square, E14 5AQ, Phone: (208) 3132543, London England