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In the United Kingdom the initial digits of bank sort codes are allocated to settlement members of the Cheque and Credit Clearing Company and the Belfast Bankers' Clearing Committee. These numbers are six digits long, formatted into three pairs which are separated by hyphens.

The following list shows the first two digits of the sort codes allocated to clearing banks. Thus, in the example 01-10-01, 01 indicates that the bank is a branch of the National Westminster Bank; the other sets of digits are for internal use. This example represents the NatWest branch in Manchester. Clearing banks can act for other banks, so looking up a bank by sort code in this list does not always mean the account is actually handled by that bank, e.g. the sort code 08-32-00 HMRC VAT is not a Co-operative Bank account but a Citibank account, as is 08-32-10 for National Insurance.

The Sort Code Checker is an online resource that lets you check that the sort code you are sending a payment to can receive Faster Payments, Bacs Credits and CHAPS Payments, as well as confirm that you can set up a Direct Debit instruction on your account*, and whether you can clear a cheque or pay a paper credit to that account through the cheque & credit clearing.


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Cheque and Credit Clearing Company
The clearing system in Great Britain is managed by the Cheque and Credit Clearing Company, under the umbrella of the Association for Payment Clearing Services.

The sort code data used by the UK payments industry is updated constantly to reflect bank and other financial institution changes.




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